Solar Systems

Solar panel

In most cases we use polycrystalline solar cells in our products.

What are they?

Polycrystalline cells, also known as multicrystalline cells (poly-Si or mc-Si), have relatively short energy payback times and are currently the cell with the best price/performance ratio (as of: September 2008). They now achieve degrees of efficiency of up to 16% in large-scale technical deployment.

Polycrystalline cells are made up of discs which do not have the same crystal orientation all over. They can be produced e.g. through casting and are more economical and the most common option in photovoltaic systems.

Crystalline solar cells

Crystalline solar cells have an initial degree of efficiency of approx. 15-19%. Manufacturers of solar panels based on these cells often guarantee 80-85% of the rated power after 20 years. Therefore, losses are low even after a long period, which vindicate the installation/long-time operation of a photovoltaic system.