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  • Ying Power Banks: smart & beautifulYing Power Bank YPB-26 and YPB-52 - smart design and beautiful colors. Compact and easy to use. Power for your smart phone, tablet pc at any time. High quality for a low price, just contact our Customer Service:
  • YING Vintage LightingThis video shows a brief overview of YING International's Vintage Lighting.
  • YING LED LIGHTSOverview of a selection of YING LED Lights.
  • YingSunBag-5 Die Solartasche YingSunBag-5 - leicht, handlich und chic. Solar bag: light, easy to handle and fashionable.
  • YingMirrorPowerBankYingMirrorPowerBank - The power bank in iPhone style to load iPhone and other smart phones with a mirror surface and individual logo animation.
  • Ying-Solar-TRIODieses TRIO löst Ihre kleinen Energieprobleme! Die Solartasche YingSunBag-5 ist leicht, handlich und chic. Das faltbare Solarmodul YingSunPack-21 - die kompakte Solaranlage für unterwegs. Der Solarkoffer YingSuncase-300 -220 Volt im Koffer
  • Intersolar 2013 Ying InternationalIntersolar 2013 Ying International Intersolar trade fair video 2013 of YING International
  • Intersolar 2012 Ying InternationalIntersolar 2012 Messevideo von Ying International Video of Intersolar Trade Fair Intersolar 2012 of YING International


YING International Vintage Lighting

Introduction of YING LED Lights

Intersolar 2013 Ying International booth video

This is the video from Intersolar 2012 as a non-stop presentation of our products

and services

This video shows how to use the YingSunBag-5 and the batteries which are

included in this solar bag. Smart & Easy!

The YouTube video 'smart & beautiful' shows the nice design and the technical

details of the Ying Power banks YPB-26 and YPB52.

This video shows the technical data and the practical use of three products from

Ying International:


  • YingSunCase-300, the solar case
  • YingSunPack-21, the foldable solar panel
  • YingSunBag-5, the solar bag

The video 'YingMirrorPowerBank' shows the possibilities for different logos as

an animation on the power bank. A very special product with high promotion effect.