What   is Ying?

Juergen Mueller Ying International
Juergen Mueller General Manager Ying International

We are a young team with experienced experts.


We have many years of experience in management roles in leading international groups. Participation in and management of international projects, such as the creation/introduction of a global CRM system and numerous projects in the area of international materials management, provide a solid foundation. The management of the logistics, purchasing, customer service, technical service and customer support departments also round off the picture.

So you can be sure you’re in the best hands with us.



Why  a Chinese logo?

The company logo YING comes from the Mandarin for “to win”. Read together, it means win-win. It symbolises our efforts to achieve a win-win situation, from production in Taiwan along the entire delivery chain to the customer.


What   do we want?

Win-Win and fairness from production to the customer are what guide us as a company. We ensure that the people in the production facilities enjoy fair conditions and a pleasant working environment. We are constantly optimising our delivery chain and the products themselves.

What   does this mean for you?

Customer enthusiasm and quality are our TOP priorities.

We want to achieve these through high-quality products at fair prices.

YING International provides ENERGY SOLUTIONS for YOU!